Software - menu setup - training


At POSIT we neither undertake nor have any responsibility for problems associated with your business’ internet-wifi-network infrastructure therefore we do not provide support for these kinds of issues. Please, advise with your local network associate for all the above issues. POSIT support refers to answering questions and dealing with issues regarding POSIT ordering system application and/or back-office. Please, call Monday – Friday from 9a.m. - 5p.m. (UTC/GMT +3 hours), except for holidays at (+30) 211 013 1002 / (+44) 20 4577 3154 or send us an email at [email protected] with the issue at hand. Phone and Skype support during office hours are free.

Menu set-up

The initial menu set-up is included in the price of your subscription.

Training – implementation

-Online training and implementation during office hours is free. -Training and implementation requiring a representative in the Athens is free for the first 2 hours. If the training exceeds the 2 hours, it will be charged 80€/4 hours. -Online training and implementation out of office hours is charged 40€ per hour. -Τraining and implementation out of office hours in the Athens area is charged 80€ per hour. -Additional on demand on-site visit fee of a representative in the Athens area after the initial training and/or implementation is 80€ per hour. -Τhe transfer fee of a representative out of Athens is 200€ per day, from the first day. The fee does not include costs of accommodation and travel (tickets, car rental/ insurance, gas, tolls, parking) and are subject to the client. *Fees are pre-paid, after the agreement of the days or hours needed. **Fees for services described above do not include VAT.